The SFX Weekender is pleased to welcome Stan Nicholls

Nicholls has been writing full-time since the early 1980s having published more than 30 titles since then for both adults and young readers. A versatile author, he is perhaps best known for the fantastic and incredibly popular Orcs: First Blood trilogy, which has gone on to sell over a million copies worldwide, but has also adapted David Gemmell’s Legend into graphic novel form and served as biographer for Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson. The good news for fans is that Nicholls is currently beavering away on the concluding chapter of his Orcs: Bad Blood trilogy, entitled Inferno, and due for release this year. There’s even an orcs graphic novel on the cards for late 2010/early 2011, illustrated by Joe Flood with the working title Fit For Purpose. We’re in orc heaven.

Nicholls’ current position as chair of The David Gemmell Legend Award For Fantasy is a strong indication of his importance to the genre and you can hear from him, as well as around 20 of this generation’s most gifted science fiction and fantasy authors, only at the SFX Weekender. With just a couple of weeks left until the big day tickets are completely sold out we’re afraid, but you can find our more over at the official site , where there’s everything you could ever possibly need to know about the Sussex-based event which takes place on 5 and 6 February 2010.

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