The Peep Show team are Magicians

Just what is it with movies about magicians? We’ve got The Illusionist with Ed Norton and The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale already en route to our screens.

And now a team better known for TV comedy are getting in on the act. Magicians, a tale of two conjurers who end up feuding after their double act implodes in chaos in the middle of a performance, is being financed by Universal.

So who is behind this new effort? The team who make Channel 4’s Peep Show – actors Robert Webb and David Mitchell, alongside director Andrew O’Connor and writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong.

And they’ve already grabbed a pair of thesps to co-star - Juliet Stevenson and Peter Capaldi (last seen in the superb TV comedy The Thick Of It) have joined the cast.

The film will kick off shooting later this month – so keep a look out for stray doves and assistants sawn in half. Oh – and a word of advice for the gang: please don’t let Paul Daniels cameo. We beg you!