The Diablo 4 community is crafting amazing tools to help with the late-game grind

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Diablo 4's subreddit is awash with players helping each other out with the grind top reach the Diablo 4 max level, and it's lovely to see.

The grind to level up fast in Diablo 4 has always been at the core of the series, and it's no different in Diablo 4. The grind to get your character's gear to the best level possible really kicks in once you hit level 50, intensifying to demand you seriously scale up and dedicate time to repeating activities and dungeons if you want to hit the true endgame.

Enter the Diablo 4 subreddit. Unlike many, many subreddits out there, Diablo 4's dedicated forum is actually nice and useful, chock-full of players looking to help each other out with the grind by providing the most comprehensive gear and activity information possible.

Take a look at the creation from user Prowner1 just below, for example. They've made a farming tool that reveals which dungeons are best when chasing a specific type of item, analyzing all monsters to deduce which beasts drop which gear and linking that up to the dungeons where you can find those monsters.

Unique Target Farming Tool from r/diablo4

There's also the Nightmare Dungeon map cheat sheet below from BlackBullTwitch. This takes a look at all the Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4 and divides them up by region, laying out foundations in full so you know where to go when you're trekking through them. Although there are some randomized elements to the Nightmare Dungeons, these maps will always serve you well as a general layout.

Nightmare Dungeon Map Layout Cheat Sheet (HQ) from r/diablo4

Finally, there's a gear Affix infographic from user lilith3nj0yer (we're right there with you, pal). This is a list of all possible Affixes for every type of gear in Diablo 4, and it should seriously help when you're finessing your character in the latter stages of the game.

This is all to say that, for once, you actually have to hand it to a subreddit. Diablo 4's subreddit is showing just how helpful it can be to both newcomers and veterans of Blizzard's action RPG series. They're probably working on new solutions for the lack of matchmaking as we speak. 

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