Diablo 4's game director is open to a party finder system

Diablo 4 Barbarians in armor with blue war paint on character creation screen
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Diablo 4 devs are open to implementing a party finder feature in the new game.

Speaking to GamesRadar+ earlier this year before Diablo 4 launched, game director Joe Shely says Blizzard would be open to adding the feature. "It's certainly something that we'll consider," Shely says, adding that "the game experiences that exist at launch are well served by our current feature set."

"There are some pretty good party features right now," the game director continues, alluding to Diablo 4's features, like players being able to invite a friend directly into their party. "We may add some additional matchmaking, as we add other features," Shely concludes. 

It's by no means a confirmation that Diablo 4 will get a party finder feature, but Blizzard seems open to it, and more importantly, is aware that players are asking for the feature in online forums and elsewhere. 

One such example can be seen just below. A Diablo 4 subreddit post with over 2,000 upvotes, the post is asking Blizzard to add a party finder feature, as it'd raise their "enjoyment of the game" immediately, making it easier for them to slay through dungeons and other instanced modes with other players at their side.

Diablo 4 Badly Needs A Party Finder from r/diablo4

"At the very least have something at the beginning of the dungeon that'll group up players," another Reddit user adds, distinctly summing up the feelings of a lot of players. "Seems weird to go all-in on the game being an MMO-lite while it misses one of the standard social features," chimes in another user.

Diablo 4 has had a stellar launch by any means, accruing rave reviews (such as our own Diablo 4 review), and praise from fans, leading to record-breaking sales for Blizzard. Despite this though, it seems like a party finder is at the very top of wishlists for players everywhere.

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