The Da Vinci Code Cheats

We can't think of a better license for a puzzle game - and maybe that's why we're so disappointed in how this one turned out.

The Da Vinci Code FAQs

The Da Vinci Code Hints

  • PC, PS2, Xbox | Submitted by Guest

    Puzzel Hints

    Puzzle 1: Rearrange the "OH LAME SAINT" into "THE MONA LISA".

    Puzzle 2: The Mona Lisa code is "Da Vinci Painted those that knew between Bacchus and Uriel lies the clue".

    Puzzle 3: The painting puzzle to get the dirt off is First Chitinase, then Dismutase, then Catalase.

    Puzzle 4: The six statue puzzle is Venus in the middle, Jupiter on the top, to the right of that Mars, to the right of that, Aeneas, to the right of that Cupid, to the right of that Vulcan.

    Puzzle 5: The floor safe puzzle is Sion across the middle.

    Puzzle 6: The solution to the cryptogram puzzle in level 7 is "OUTDOORS THE GRACEFUL WATER YOU WILL SEE THROUGH DEDICATION YOU MUST FIND THE KEY"

  • PS2 | Submitted by Melissa

    Saint Sulpice

    How to locate the stations of the cross

    The first station of the cross is found when you find the location of the bible and candle sticks. There is some sort of brick surface on the floor. Examine it and put the month to Aprilis and the date XI. The second station of the cross is found in the closet where the nun is dead. Before you head there get the key in one of the seashell looking fountain. Get the key and head up to the dead nuns room and open the closet.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Melissa

    Normandy Mansion

    Little room within the bedroom

    To find all of the Gods which you will need further in this level: When you walk in, turn to your left and then left again where you will find some sort of cabinet on the wall. Open it and you'll find the Aeneas Statue. Walk directly down the short hallway and look on one of the tables which is on the left side as you walk in. There you will find the statue of Cupid. For the third statue you walk up the wide stairs after the living room area. Open the door to your left after the second flight of stairs. Open it using the ring you found in the first level. After, go down those little bit of stairs and hang a left. You'll see a chest of drawers. Go to the last one to your left and open it with the ring once again. There you'll find the statue of Vulcan. The fourth statue is Jupiter which is found in a little room which is located to the right end of the bedroom. The fifth statue is located in the bottom floor of the little work room. There's a work table to your left theres some sort of object examine it or move it and the statue will fall under the table. Move under the table and pick it up--it is the statue of Mars. For the final statue you have to place the Fleur de Leu Discs then you have to turn them.

    1st ----- Face Down
    2nd---- Face Right
    3rd-----Face Up
    4th-----Face Left

    After you found all the statues return to the entrance and walk up those stairs . Enter the room and you will see a table, examine it and place all of your statues on the table. Place:

    Venus in the middle
    Jupiter on the top pink point
    Cupid on the lower left
    Vulcan in the upper left
    Aeneas on the lower right
    Mars on the upper right

    When you have placed all the statues face all of them towards Venus since she Loves the attention!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Melissa

    Saint Sulpice

    In the main room

    Once you find the two stations of the cross (one in the closet beside the dead nun and the other in a locked table) you place Jesus in the tomb in the corresponding station and the Jesus carrying the cross you place on the station where Jesus falls a second time.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Melissa

    Saint Sulpice

    Password for underground volt

    When you reach the basement of the of the church you will find a huge tomb stone looking thing. Push it out of the way. Behind it you'll find some buttons on the wall. It's supposed to spell out Jerusalem. To know which buttons to press in order go to the top before going to the main floor and examine the poster on the wall with all the letters look for the letters that correspond to Jerusalem

  • PS2 | Submitted by Krystina

    Sister Saudrine's Puzzle

    The answer to the puzzle under Sister Saudrine's bed is Sion.

The Da Vinci Code Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Stephanie Cumia


    Et In Arcadia Ego - Unlock all bonuses.
    Apocrypha - Unlock all Visual Database entries.
    Sacred Feminine - Double Health.
    Vitruvian Man - God Mode.
    Clos Luce 1519 - Level Select.
    Phillips Exeter - One Hit Fist Kill
    Royal Holloway - One Hit Weapon Kill

  • PC, PS2 | Submitted by Stephanie Cumia


    Et In Arcadia Ego: Unlock all bonuses.
    Apocrypha: Unlock all Visual Database entries.
    Sacred Feminine: Double Health.
    Vitruvian Man: God Mode.
    Clos Luce 1519: Level Select.
    Phillips Exeter: One Hit Fist Kill
    Royal Holloway: One Hit Weapon Kill

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by steve

    1st Puzzle Answer

    On the first level

    On the first puzzle after you find the blacklight the answer is: "THE MONA LISA".

  • PS2, Xbox | Submitted by tmat007

    Level Select

    Go to options, then codes.

    Type in "Clos Luce 1591".