The best Samsung 980 PRO prices and deals

Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink
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The best Samsung 980 PRO prices and deals will be one of the hottest products for PC and PS5 players for the foreseeable future. A lot was spoken about the Samsung 980 Pro when the PS5's NVMe storage slot was revealed - being one of the fastest, most reliable, and premium M.2 SSDs going, the thought of having one of them as your PS5 SSD was an immediately delectable proposition. 

And now the prospect is even more delicious as Samsung has released a variant of the SSD that comes with its own comprehensive, cool-looking (for whatever that's worth) heatsink. Given a heatsink is one of Sony's requirements for PS5 internal SSDs, and the fact that this one is official so there's no DIY involved, it's likely to make a Samsung 980 PRO deal the most attractive thing to get this winter.

Samsung 980 PRO prices and deals have started to pop up since the October 29 availability date, but it looks like it's mainly for pre-orders now. And we'll still take that, of course. Given this year has seen many supply shortages and stock inconsistencies, if there's a means to place a solid preorder down, then we're all for it.

So, cutting to that chase, you'll find the latest Samsung 980 PRO prices and deals (with heatsink) below - which will automatically update every 30 minutes - as well direct-to-retailer links to get you in the right places quickly.

The latest Samsung 980 PRO Heatsink deals and prices

Where to buy Samsung 980 PRO SSDs: retailer list

As has been widely covered, up until really recently - when that firmware update was rolled out - a PS5 external hard drive was the only real solution that we could have full confidence in. and even then that was initially only for PS4 games (totally; for storing and playing) and then for storing PS5 games. Now, however, a range of premium and more affordable options will come forwards and blow open the PS5 internal SSD market for PS5 owners henceforth. 

And remember, there are several premium options right now too, particularly from the likes of Western Digital and Seagate. If you're looking for those you can find the latest Seagate FireCuda 530 prices and the latest WD BLACK SN850 prices on their respective pages.

And before you leave here are the latest and lowest prices for any variant of the Samsung 980 PRO internal SSD.

The latest Samsung 980 PRO deals and prices

The Samsung 980 PRO is almost definitely going to be part of the upcoming Black Friday PS5 SSD deals, as well as the wider Black Friday SSD deals for those on PC too.

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