The Batman’s Jeffrey Wright says his version of Jim Gordon will be "in the thick of things"

Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon in The Batman
(Image credit: Warner Bros/DC)

The Batman actor Jeffrey Wright has teased a little more of his role as GCPD’s Jim Gordon in the upcoming reboot.

During an interview for Marvel’s What If…?, we asked Wright whether he felt there were any major similarities between his Watcher character in the MCU and his portrayal of Jim Gordon over at DC.

"They are [both] holding the scales, so to speak. They’re definitely characters who are concerned about justice and justness," Wright tells GamesRadar+.

But there is one key difference. Where The Watcher observes, Gordon will seemingly act.

"I think Gordon is much less reticent, he’s very much in the thick of things with The Batman so they’re different in that regard," he explains.

Given that the movie will focus on a slightly younger Caped Crusader, Wright’s Gordon won’t have risen to the rank of Commissioner by the time the two collide in pursuit of Paul Dano’s Riddler in the 2022 release. As Wright hints, that means we could even see a more action-heavy Gordon working alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

Gordon may even be in the thick of things on HBO Max. The upcoming Gotham PD spinoff on the streaming service is set to focus on Gotham’s police department, with Gotham Central writer Ed Brubaker mentioning on Kevin Smith’s podcast (H/T Batman on Film) that it is being described as “the James Gordon show.”

The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, and Paul Dano, is set for release on March 4, 2022.

What If...? is airing weekly on Disney Plus from August 11. For more on what DC and Marvel has in store next year, check out our guide to new superhero movies.

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