The Batman official logo and artwork revealed

(Image credit: Warner Bros./Jim Lee)

Matt Reeves has revealed the official logo and some artwork for The Batman ahead of DC's FanDome event this weekend.

The director shared the images on his official Twitter account, writing: "Excited to share the very first look at our official The Batman logo, and some very cool additional DC FanDome artwork by the amazing Jim Lee."

The logo gives off a comics-faithful vibe with its pencil-sketched look, while the accompanying artwork offers an idea of what Robert Pattinson's Batman will look like, although it could simply be concept art. Check out both the logo and artwork for yourself:

The Batman has been pushed past its original June 2021 release to October 2021, after filming begun in January but was subsequently put on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Word is production is set to resume in September, but that's unofficial and tentative to change. We're likely to learn a lot more about Reeves' The Batman this weekend during DC FanDome, as it's been confirmed the project will have a presence at the event.

This isn't the only Batman-related news that happened today. We also learned that Ben Affleck would be returning to play Bruce Wayne "for one more movie," which happens to be The Flash. Affleck had made clear he wasn't interested in playing Batman again, so the news was a big surprise.

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