Super Street Fighter IV: Trials Video Guide

Notes: In Trials 14, and 15 pay attention as theFukiage attack has a fairly small/tight hit box. Make a note of how high it launches Dan depending on when you hit him during the jump.


Notes: Rose's new Ultra, Soul Sattelite is almost exclusively for comboing, it does very litte damage but can addtwo additional hits to almost any combo. Note in trial 24 how Rose can actually launch a falling opponent with the Ultra just enough to air throw them.


Notes: Rufus remains a very strong, combo heavy monster who has a fairly steep learning curve but can be very rewarding once you figure him out. Make sure to hold forward when using the Galactic Tornado in the trial combos at all times, as it keeps Rufus close to his opponent and allows the moves to connect.


Notes: Much Like Ken, Ryu’s trials are straightforward and involve a lot of FADCing with Shoryukens and fireballs. Ryu’s new Metsu Shoryuken reaches out a lot further than it seems and can be linked into a FADCed fireball.


Notes: While Sagat has had his damage output and stamina tuned down a bit, he still has the same powerful moveset and combo options. In fact with his Tiger Cannon, Sagat can combo characters with EX projectiles. While the trials do not mention it, Sagat’s Angry Scar move can be used in combos and presents some interesting options because of its odd, brief time slowdown. Note that for trial 24 you have to backdash out of the EX canceled Tiger Uppercut in order to make sure the Tiger Cannon has room to connect.

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