Super Street Fighter IV: Trials Video Guide

Notes: Trial 24 requires you to use the Habanero Dash and cancel it with a jab punch in order to link the fierce punches. Like this: Habanero Dash(Any Punch)> LP>HP>Habanero Dash>LP>HP


Notes: Gen’s trials require some extremely nimble fingers as a lot of the later ones require you to switch your stance in the middle of a combo (Press all 3 P or K buttons depending). Gen’s Gekiro move allows Gen a tiny window to catch the falling opponent with his Jyakoha anti air Super, make sure you buffer the move to catch them at the last second. Note that Gen’s Supers and Ultras changed depending on which stance he’s in.


Notes: Gouken’s new Fireball Ultra can be charged, which increases its damage and allows you to catch enemies off guard. His EX fireball is still an excellent choice for adding additional damage to falling opponents.


Notes: Guile’s Sonic Booms come out faster now in SSFIV, meaning you don’t have to charge back quite as long as before to do one.


Notes: Guy’s Hozanto move launches opponenets and allows for easy comboing, just make sure you time the move correctly to catch them on the way down.

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