Super Street Fighter IV: Trials Video Guide

Notes: Abel’s crouching fierce punch works as a launcher, which means you can hit the opponent as they are falling to the ground. Abel commonly chains into his “Soulless” Ultra Attack with this move, though the timing on it is pretty strict. Try to time it so it connects just before the opponent hits the ground.


Notes: On trial 15 the focus attack into Rising Jaguar has to hit as soon as possible to capitalize on the crumpled opponent, so expect it to hit almost exactly as Dan falls to the ground.


Notes: Akuma’s light Hurricane Kick is very powerful and can easily be combed into a hard Shoryuken for an easy, high damage combo.


Notes: Buffering is important when linking Balrog’s Buffalo Headbutt into his Ultra/Super. When executing the Buffalo Headbutt make sure to go from charging “down back” to “up back” and punch. This allows you to maintain your charge for your Ultra/Super after hitting your opponent with the headbutt leading to high damage combos.


Notes: Make sure to hold back as soon as you begin to jump in on Dan so that your Blanka Ball attack will be charged and ready after you’ve begun the combo. It’s also important to make sure you’re not crouching while holding back as some of the trials require you to combo with standing moves.

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