Super Street Fighter IV: Trials Video Guide

Notes: Viper’s Super Jump is used to link moves into unusual combos and strengthen her cross up game. It’s done by pressing down then up, and will quickly have her leap forward at a great angle to exploit her Burning Kick.


Notes: Treat Cammy’s Cannon Spike like a shoryuken in that FADCing after the initial hit will allow you to catch the falling character with and additional move like the Cannon Drill or Cammy’s Super.

Chun Li

Notes: Chun-Li’s new Kikoken Fireball Ultra is a lot easier to combo into than her previous Ultra, making it a good choice for most players. Note that unlike her regular fireball, her Ultra Fireball is not a charge move.


Notes: Cody ‘s combos are very strong and naturally link together without too many crazy inputs. Get used to using his H Ruffian Kick to launch opponents into the air, allowing for an additional hit. If you FADC out of the H Ruffian Kick you can land your final Destruction Ultra. His Dead End Irony Ultra has a little more range but requires good spacing to get all the hits in. Jumping MK, Crouching MP to Criminal Upper is a reliable bread and butter combo that does good damage easily.


Notes: Dan’s Super attack has a dumb hitbox that requires very close spacing for all of its hits to connect. A few of Dan’s combos require use of his Ultimate Taunt to link into his Ultras and Supers into combos as the taunt removes some frames off of moves that would normally make the combos impossible.

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