Super Street Fighter IV: Trials Video Guide

Notes: Dee Jay’s EX Machinegun Upper launches the opponent upward for additional comboing, but pulling off the Climax Beat move afterwards can be difficult. Just make sure to charge down back as soon as you see the Machinegun Upper connect and you should be able to catch your opponent just before they fall.


Notes: Virtually all of Dhalsim’s trial combos require you to use the non-stretch version of his attacks. You do this by holding back when doing any kick or punch. Note that it changes the move entirely in some cases.


Notes: Dudley’s Corkscrew Cross takes a moment to come out after the initial animation, so make sure to buffer the command so the move can execute as soon as possible in order to catch falling opponents. Crouching Hard Kick and light Jet Uppercut are great for launching your opponent then catching them with the Corkscrew Cross.


Notes: Honda’s Sumo Smash butt drop move will launch players for a short period of time if they get hit in the air which allows Honda to hit them with a Super/Ultra or Sumo Torpedo on their way down. This does huge damage, so use it to dissuade people from jumping in on you.

Fei Long

Notes: Fei Long’s Shien Kyaku flame kick works like Ryu and Ken’s shoryuken in that the first hit will launch the opponent, meaning you can FADC out of the move’s first hit and follow up with an additional attack.

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