Super Street Fighter IV: Trials Video Guide

Notes: Trials 20, 21,22, 23, and 24 all require Hakan to oil up before he attempts them, as oiling up makes Hakan’s normals faster making these combos possible.


Notes: Trial 24 is difficult as it requires you to use Ibuki’s High Jump to allow her to combo into her Ultra. This can be done by doing two quarter circle forward motions but ending the second one with up forward so that when you press all three kicks the move will trigger the frame after the high jump has been initiated. Like so: QCF+QCF into UF+KKK


Notes: Trials 19, 20, 21, and 22 all require Juri to be in Feng Shui Engine mode, so make sure you activate it before attempting them. Trial 23: Fuhajin, Juri’s kick fireball, can be stored by holding the kick button after you’ve done the quarter circle forward motion. Combo 23 requires you to begin the combo by charging a light Fuhajin fireball to use in the middle of the combo. Release the button after the crouch med punch , then focus cancel out as soon as it hits and perform the Ultra.


Notes: Ken’s trials are very straightforward and make a good entry point for learning how to use FADCs, as a lot of his combos require them. Make sure you don’t cancel the FA in Trial 23 though, as it needs to hit to link into Ken’s Ultra.

M. Bison

Notes: Bison’s Hell Attack air move knocks opponents out of the air and easily links into his Knee Press Nightmare super and his Psycho Punisher Ultra, which should seriously dissuade anyone from jumping around when Bison has full meter. As a charge character Bison’s combos require a lot of buffering, so make sure you’re always holding backwards to store a charge.

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