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A Spider-Man Madame Web movie is reportedly in the works at Sony

Madame Web
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Sony is weaving yet another Spider-Man spin-off. A Madame Web movie is apparently moving into the production phase, taking the current Spidey slate of upcoming films to potentially over half-a-dozen.

Collider reports that a solo Madame Web movie "set in the Spider-Man universe" is being scripted by Morbius writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Morbius finished filming earlier this year and stars Jared Leto as the titular vampire.

Not familiar with who Madame Web is? The most famous iteration of the character debuted in the '90s show Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which featured several arcs involving Cassandra Webb (Madame Web) meddling in Peter Parker's affairs, including warping him across the multiverse to fight both the Secret Wars and the Spider Wars. Those looking for an unlikely Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield team-up could soon be clinging to Madame Web for a thread of hope.

Sony, though, now has several Spider-Man projects in the offing. A Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel is on the way, plus at least one spin-off. Alongside both those, a Kraven the Hunter movie is in limbo, as are two separate female-led outings: one for Black Cat and the other for Silver Sable. The pair were meant to star in a movie together, Silver & Black, but that was cancelled in favour of two solo movies.

There's even a Sinister Six movie still being planned, something that has been around in various forms for nearly a decade now. Finally, Venom 2 is abound, as is a potential Spider-Man 3 with Tom Holland; the actor calls plans for the threequel "something very special."

…and breathe. If Sony pulls this off, it could be spinning a web as convoluted (and successful) as the MCU. Madame Web might just be the movie to tie it all together.

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