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You *have* to watch this Spider-Man: Into the Multiverse trailer, the closest we’ll ever get to a live-action Spidey crossover

I’m seeing treble: Three Spider-Men. Amy Pascal, the producer of Spider-Man: Far From Home has already opened up about the possibility of Tom Holland joining forces with his live-action webheaded peers Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, and it’s got the creative juices flowing.

Because, should that multiverse mash-up not come to pass, we’ve got a fantastic fallback. A pair of talented artists have put together their own trailer for a Spider-Man live-action crossover. It’s very, very good – and has us pining for some MCU Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse-style shenanigans.

The Into the Multiverse trailer, which you can see above, is all the work of Jason Nguyen and Erik Kozura at Nerdist, with editing duties fulfilled by Matt Caron. I mention their names, not only to give them a much-deserved pat on the back, but also to let Kevin Feige (who is definitely reading this. Hi!) know who to mail the cheques to.

Where to begin? There are several moments that’ll get your Spidey-Senses tingling, but one of the best has to be Andrew Garfield’s down-in-the-dumps Peter Parker finding his way into Spider-Holland’s room. Seriously. Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean. Bonus points for JJJ-Spidey, too. It’s pure nightmare fuel but also absolutely brilliant.

The Sinister Six are even in town to make the three Peters’ lives a living hell. Doc Ock is there alongside Far From Home’s Mysterio, Amazing Spider-Man’s Rhyno, Homecoming’s Vulture, Lizard, the Green Goblin, and Jamie Foxx’s Electro. Which makes seven – but let’s not get hung up on details. A fearsome bunch if ever I’ve seen one.

But we have to face reality. Unless we somehow get the greatest Spider-Crossover in history, we’ll never see Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield team up to take on the greatest rogues’ gallery ever assembled. Mind you, this is the next best thing – and makes us wish Marvel, Sony, and anyone else calling the shots are seriously re-considering any and all grand plans right about now.

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