Sony starts a Battle

Poor old Los Angeles – like New York and sometimes Washington, it’s one of those cities that nasty aliens just love to pick as a landing spot when they decide to invade the Earth.

Sony and producer Neal Moritz have just flashed the cash to buy Chris Bertolini’s spec script Battle: Los Angeles, which follows one marine’s experiences as his platoon fights off the extraterrestrial menace.

If the idea of one person’s perspective on a big disaster movie had you thinking Cloverfield, you’d be right. It’s a fresh attempt to get an epic scale with a moderate outlay. “I love the idea, and I love the script. I like it all," Moritz gushed to The Hollywood Reporter. "We are going to be in production within six months. What's attractive to me is that it's a huge event movie that can be done at a modest scale."

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