How to get the Sons of the Forest rope gun

Sons of the Forest rope gun
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The Sons of the Forest rope gun lets you use ropes to make ziplines, stringing them around for easier travel and navigation. However, to find the rope gun in Sons of the Forest, you'll need to head to head to a cave in a specific location and deal with the  monstrous cannibal critters inside and out. Still, once you have the rope gun, as well as the Sons of the Forest Rebreather, you'll be able to use both of them to reach the Sons of the Forest shovel, a key item that allows you to collect some of the best weapons, as well as reach specific locations within the world that are plot and story essential.

With all that in mind, we'll cover below how to reach the rope gun in Sons of the Forest, with clear locations and a walkthrough to help you get what you need.

1. Find the Sons of the Forest rope gun in this cave

Sons of the Forest cave where you find rope gun

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The rope gun is in a cave near the helicopter where you crashed so head to the area shown on the map. You're looking for a boarded up cave recessed into the cliff with a couple of crates outside.

Sons of the Forest rope gun cave entrance

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If you can, build a simple wooden shelter outside so you can save. Keep your tarps to build shelters to save inside the cave, as it'll make life easier if you can avoid trying to run the whole thing in one go.

Smash the boards with any weapon you have and head in.

2. Head left once inside the cave

Sons of the Forest rope gun cave first turn

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Once inside you'll be in a linear tunnel initially so scoop up supplies you find and keep head forward. Eventually you'll reach a lit lower cave you can get down to using a path on the right side of the edge.

Once you're down the safest thing to do is hug the left wall and follow it around until you find a narrow corridor leading out. There are basic enemies here but you really want to avoid them as much as you cannas it can quickly get out of control in the open space. The narrow corridor will lead you into a chamber blocked by a monster.

3. Use the time bomb to blow up the monster

Sons of the Forest monster and time bomb

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The monster is stuck and blocking the way forward, but can't hurt you so this is a good place to set up a shelter to save at - the section ahead is long but quite straight so it's easy to keep heading back and saving your progress.

Pick up the two bombs to the right of the creature next to the body, and use one to blow it up. You can now head through.

The next area ahead will be a straight tunnel into another open lit cave. There are some basic enemies in here but also a finger (an enemy that is just a giant mouth on legs). You can fight them using the narrow entrance area as a useful choke point and a good area to use molotovs if you have any. But you can also sneak or run by them. Past that area you'll reach a space with some bodies hanging from the ceiling and cave painting.

4. Move past the cave painting and run if you have to

Sons of the Forest cave paining

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There's a Twins enemy here so again sneak or run past if you can, and keep going. You'll come to another lit up area with bodies hanging from the ceiling and this time there will be some baby enemies. These aren't too hard to take on as long you strafe to avoid their jumping attack and hit them when they land. There's quite a few though so it can go south fast.

Sons of the Forest running section

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You'll eventually hit another narrow section and when you come out into another lit area you might want to stealth as far as you can, then run the second it you're spotted. There's a lot of enemies in here, including fingers, and it's tough to fight them all. You'll know when you reach the end as there will be a light shining out over the exit.

Sons of the Forest cave exit to reach the rope gun

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5. The Sons of the Forest rope gun location is left at the shiny rocks

Sons of the Forest shiny rocks

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This is the last stretch: another corridor with some baby enemies to deal with or run past. You'll pass some more hanging bodies and light but the thing to look out for is a left turn, framed by some metallic rocks, with some bone piles inside.

If you go straight on at this point you'll find a few items and a dead end. Do that if you want and then go back and take the turning. When you turn left there's a long straight path to the Sons of the Forest rope gun. There will be some baby monsters  along the way you can stealth, fight, or just run past. Eventually you'll see a lit dead end with the rope gun in a crate.

Sons of the Forest rope gun in a case

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Pick up the rope gun up and you'll be able to use the rope you can see above with the cloth hanging on it to get out. Once you land, just run. You'll pass a twins enemy but if you keep going you'll hit the exit and can escape with no trouble.

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