All Sons of the Forest cheats, console commands and more

Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands
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Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands allow you to mod the game - but not very much, unless you use an external cheats mod. That being said, one of the things you can do is use all the Sons of the Forest item IDs to spawn any item you want, such an extensive element that we actually gave it its own page at the link attached! However, if you want to know what else is possible, through legitimate means and not, here are your currently available options for Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands, and an explanation of how to use them.

Sons of the Forest cheats

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At the time of writing there are no Sons of the Forest cheats officially available, so if you want to change things in single player mode then you'll need to download a cheats mod, which we'll explain below. This may change in the future as the game is still in early access, however there are a couple of cheat-like options you can set in the Gameplay menu right now.

The first option is to turn off Structure Damage, which means you can shut yourself away from the cannibals and they won't be able to get to you. This can be useful if you're not enjoying the combat, or don't feel appropriately equipped to fight back just yet. The second option in the Gameplay menu is more of a fun cheat, as you can turn on Sons of the Forest big head mode. This will give everyone big heads, including Kelvin, Virginia, and of course the cannibals – as well as looking amusing, it will also help you to spot them from a distance.

Sons of the Forest console commands

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While there may be no official cheats, there are a set of Sons of the Forest console commands that can be entered while on multiplayer servers. Hit Enter to bring up the chat window, then type in the commands below – though you'll need to have admin rights to the server for them to work:

  • allowCheats [on/off] – Lets you use console commands and cheats.
  • /help – Display a list of console commands.

  • /allowbuildingdestruction – Lets you to destroy structures.
  • resetHolesMode [on/off] – Remove all holes in structures when enabled.
  • /treeregrowmode – 10% of cut-down trees regrow when players sleep.
  • /allowenemiescreative – Lets enemies spawn in creative mode.
  • veganMode [on/off] – Remove all enemies when enabled.
  • difficulty [Peaceful/Normal/Hard/HardSurvival] – Set the difficulty level.
  • realisticPlayerDamage [on/off] – Players will take more damage when enabled, particularly in PvP.

  • /save [1/2/3/4/5] – Save the game in the designated slot.
  • saveFolderPath – Select the path for server saves.
  • /restart – Restart the server, deleting all saves and user information.
  • /shutdown – Shut down the server.
  • /kick [Steam ID] – Kick specified user from the server.
  • /ban [Steam ID] – Ban specified user from the server.
  • configfilepath – Select the path for server information to be saved.
  • /openlogs – Show the server logs.
  • /closelogs – Close the server logs.
  • targetFpsActive [FPS] – Set a specific FPS limit for the server.
  • targetFpsIdle [FPS] – Set a specific FPS limit for idle players.

Sons of the Forest cheats mod

Sons of the Forest cheats mod page from WeMod

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Although they aren't officially built into the game, it is possible to use a Sons of the Forest cheats mod to add this functionality. This is already available from WeMod (opens in new tab) as a free download, and while they also offer Pro subscriptions to unlock additional functionality, you don't need to pay anything to access the complete set of cheats listed below. Note that because the game is in early access and this mod has been developed externally, you may encounter crashes or unexpected consequences from using these Sons of the Forest cheats, and you should avoid using them in multiplayer as you risk being banned from the servers if detected.

  • Player:
  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Infinite Hydration
  • Infinite Fullness
  • Infinite Temperature
  • Infinite Strength
  • Infinite Lung Capacity
  • Fully Rested
  • No Fall Damage
  • Invisibility
  • Unbreakable Armor
  • Immune to Fire
  • Set Damage Multiplier

  • Physics:
  • Infinite Jumps
  • Set Walking Speed Multiplier
  • Set Running Speed Multiplier
  • Set Swimming Speed Multiplier
  • Set Jump Height Multiplier

  • Inventory:
  • No Item Limit
  • Set Last Hovered Item Amount
  • Weapons
  • Unlimited Ammo

  • Game:
  • Enable Debug Console
  • Infinite Fuel
  • Infinite Flashlight Battery
  • Infinite Printer Resin
  • No Building Requirements
  • Build Anywhere
  • One Hit Cut Trees
  • Stop Time
  • Fast 3D Printers
  • Set Time Speed Multiplier
  • Game Speed

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