How to drop items in Sons of the Forest

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To drop items in Sons of the Forest, press the G button on your keyboard, or B/Circle on a gamepad controller. However, this only drops the items if there's no space for it in your actual inventory, otherwise it just unequips it and puts it back in your bag - which isn't necessarily what you were hoping for. It's a little frustrating to have this limitation on it, but we'll explain how to drop items in Sons of the Forest below, and why sometimes the game simply won't let you do so.

How to drop items from your inventory in Sons of the Forest

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As mentioned, items in Sons of the Forest can be dropped with the G key, or B/Circle buttons on controller, but there's a catch: despite being called "drop" in the menu, it's actually more of an "unequip" button.

The reason is that if there's room in your inventory for that item you're dropping, it simply goes back in your bag instead, and there's no way to stop this. The only time the item drops on the ground is when your inventory is too full to allow for it - so if you "drop" a stone, it'll just go back in your inventory, unless it's already stuffed so full of rocks that no more can be crammed inside. It also occurs if you drop an item that's too big to fit inside ANY inventory - such as a log, which can only be held over the player's shoulder.

To be fair, there's rarely a downside to this: inventory space in Sons of the Forest is only limited by item type: you can hold every item in the game at once, only limited by the size of the stacks that the inventory allows (for example, while you can hold rocks, sticks and Sons of the Forest weapons all at once, you can only hold so much of each of these).

We'd also guess that this is all tied to the Sons of the Forest respawn system for items - namely that the world tends to revert to a default/factory state whenever reloaded. So even if you drop an item, if it's just loose in the world, it won't stay there for long. Therefore, dropping items isn't an especially helpful feature. 

Still, it's possible it'll get added to the game in future updates, as the developers have already noted and fulfilled player requests such as adding a Sons of the Forest hotkey weapons feature.

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