How to get and use the Sled in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest sled
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To get the Sons of the Forest sled, you need to print it from a 3D printer found in a small bunker. Once you have it, you can then use it with the left mouse button - but you need to be in the air when you do. The sled allows you to slide down slopes at rapid speed with no real expenditure of stamina, though keep in mind that this is different from the log sled in the Forest, which served as portable storage.

Below we'll cover how to get the Sled in Sons of the Forest, how to get printer Resin to create it, and if you can get the log sled too. Can never have too many sleds, right?

How to get the Sons of the Forest sled

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There's no way to find the Sled in Sons of the Forest, you have to craft it with the 3D Printer found at the location marked above. Head there and you'll find a small cave at the bottom of a set of stairs, at the end of which is a little underground office with the 3D Printer inside!

The printer is hooked up to a laptop where you can choose what you build, cycling through to the Sled icon. The slight hitch is that the Sled costs 1000 Printer Resin to craft - not only is that pretty expensive, but the 3D Printer starts with 850 Resin installed. 

Fortunately there's more in the very same room - enough to reach that 1000 threshold, but keep in mind that if you use it for this purpose, you won't have much left for crafting other stuff, and will have to find more at different locations. 

Alternatively, you can use these Sons of the Forest item IDs, implemented with the rules at the attached guide, to just spawn them in your inventory!

  • Sled item ID: 428
  • Printer Resin item ID: 390

How to use the Sled in Sons of the Forest

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You use the sled in Sons of the Forest by equipping it from your inventory, as you would a tool or weapon, then pressing the left mouse button while in the air, either by jumping or stepping off a high ledge. Triggering that will cause your character to place the sled beneath them, and they'll slide down whatever slope they're on, dismounting when you press the button again. There's no way to generate momentum other than being on a slope; once you reach flat ground, you're stuck.

Is there a Sons of the Forest log sled?

Sons of the Forest big head mode

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The previous game, The Forest, had a very valuable item called a Log Sled - which is not in Sons of the Forest at all at time of writing, though it may enter the game in future updates. 

The Log Sled was an especially valuable device that effectively served as a portable inventory container, allowing you to move large amounts of items all in one go - very useful, especially if you wanted to relocate bases or drag large amounts of loot back from an expedition. Of course, with Sons of the Forest being in early access, it's entirely possible that we'll see the log sled or some similar item added to the game in the future, especially with the clear demand for it.

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