Sons of the Forest log dupe glitch explained

Sons of the Forest log dupe glitch
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The Sons of the Forest Log Dupe glitch has you duplicate logs infinitely by dismantling a log cabin that hasn't actually been built yet. It's a little confusing, and we expect it to get patched out sooner rather than later, but once set up you can generate infinite logs to make all kinds of structures in Sons of the Forest. While there's many ways floating around to duplicate logs, we can confirm this one works, having tried it ourselves. Here's a basic explanation on how to get the Sons of the Forest log dupe glitch, and how you can effectively cure deforestation in minutes.

How to dupe logs in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest log dupe glitch

(Image credit: Newnight)

The log dupe glitch in Sons of the Forest is done the following way: 

  1. Open your Book with the B button.
  2. Select the Small Log Cabin.
  3. Place the empty "frame" for the Small Log Cabin at the point where you want your pile of logs to be.
  4. Put the Book away, and place yourself looking up at the corner of the empty cabin frame, at the angle seen above.
  5. Start pressing the C button with your hands empty. You want to find the sweet spot where a little meter builds, rather than showing a red X.
  6. Getting the angle right will allow you to fill a little meter while pressing C - which causes a log to spawn where you're looking!
  7. Repeat this process over and over for infinite logs.
  8. Be careful - logs piling up and falling can hurt you and your Sons of the Forest companions, even downing them if they take too much damage!
  9. Once you have as many logs as you want, you can delete the empty cabin frame with the X button (or use the logs to build the cabin properly).

There's other ways to achieve this log duplication, to read around online - the game is in early access and has more than a few bugs at time of writing - but this is the one that worked for us. The basic idea is that the game seems to think you're dismantling the logs out of a partially-built structure, so it keeps providing you with the logs you "removed" - but obviously there's no actual structure there that you're pulling apart.

Despite the obvious advantages of this glitch, we really can't emphasise caution enough when it comes to the logs falling on your and your allies. The physics engine in Sons of the Forest causes loose objects to roll around a lot, and all creatures take damage when a log hits them or lands on them. Because players tend to be facing up when they instigate this log dupe glitch, what with looking at the key trigger point on the side of the empty cabin frame, the logs tend to spawn in above you and land on your face. Even if they don't do that, they then likely land on a pile of fresh logs and roll about, crashing into your legs and doing damage. We actually saw Kelvin get downed when he wandered over, the loose timber taking him out at the knees - so make sure you're careful! 

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