Sons of the Forest companions explained

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Sons of the Forest companions are new AI helpers that you can provide with tasks to lessen the grind, gather some resources, and keep you company. These companions will be excellent for solo players, giving you a break from the heavy lifting, and you can boss them around with a little notepad full of written commands. Sons of the Forest isn’t out yet, so we’ll be sure to update this guide when we know more after the game launches soon on February 23. For now, here’s what we know about Sons of the Forest companions and what they can do.

All Sons of the Forest companions

  • Kelvin: A soldier who survived the helicopter crash that kicks off the game at the cost of being able to talk due to a terrible head injury.
  • Virginia: A three-legged and three-armed mutant who can be found out in the wild.

Companions in Sons of the Forest are friendly NPCs that you can recruit to help you complete certain tasks and do some of the more monotonous jobs while you go off and have fun. Based on a recent preview video (opens in new tab), Sons of the Forest currently has two possible companion characters for you to ally with. Having just one of these companions will really help out solo players, giving you an extra hand for gathering resources and building your base. Although, if you plan on playing with friends in multiplayer, you’ll still get these companions to offer a helping hand and save you lots of time.

How to get companions in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest screenshot

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Console ports

Sons of the Forest screenshot

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The game launches on PC but will there be ports for Sons of the Forest on PS4, PS5 and Xbox (opens in new tab)?

It sounds like different companions will have different requirements in Sons of the Forest, so getting each one will be a unique challenge, but you’ll probably have to find each companion somewhere on the island first. We assume that Kelvin will be the default companion you find early on in your survival adventure - likely near the crash site. However, Virginia can apparently be found out in the wild but is more skittish and shifty, so you’ll have to gain her trust over time.

We don’t yet know if you’ll be limited to just one companion at a time, or whether you can switch or have several with you at once. Regardless of those questions, you are at least limited to one of each companion - you can’t have legions of brain-dead Kelvin clones deforesting an entire island for you.

If you’d like to get rid of your companion, it sounds like the only way of doing so is to pop their clogs and put a bullet in their head - be warned as this will permanently remove the companion, so once they’ve been sent to the farm, there probably isn’t a way of getting them back. 

What can Sons of the Forest companions do?

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Once you’ve got a companion in your service, you can order them around by creating written commands using a notepad and we reckon companions might have different options based on their capabilities. For example, Kelvin can find or take a particular type of item and deposit whatever he finds at a chosen location, follow you, or build stuff. Virginia, on the other hand, can be seen wielding a shotgun and a pistol, so presumably she can be armed and might be able to help you out in combat or can be told to defend a particular area.

Outside of issuing commands to them, companions can also do their own thing, which usually involves resting and refreshing before they get back to work, so they won’t always be available to follow your orders. Furthermore, make sure you treat your companions well though, as they’ll become less efficient if you’re not a good boss.

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