Sons of the Forest PS4, PS5 or Xbox release could happen "in the future"

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Sons of the Forest is not currently available on PS5, PS4 or Xbox, but there could be changes in the future, as developer Endnight Games has suggested when it comes to available ports. 

Sons of the Forest is, of course a sequel to The Forest from 2018, a game that was only ported to PlayStation consoles, and never came out on Xbox with Endgame explaining they could only really focus on one platform. So while Sons of the Forest is likely to arrive on console eventually, it might not hit both and there's prior for a PlayStation release. 

Like the last game, Sons of the Forest sees you as the survivor of a plane crash, stranded on a wooded island, gathering resources, crafting, and defending against mutated cannibals. It's on PC as an Early Access release after a few delays and a downgrade from a full release. So here’s what we know about Sons of the Forest on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X.

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Is Sons of the Forest on PS4, PS5 or Xbox Series X?

Sons of the Forest is only on PC at the moment and there's no console version currently announced. The PC version is also Early Access, with a 6-8 month window planned to reach full release. So it's unlikely there will be any console announcements before then. 

The lack of any official Sons of the Forest PS4, PS5 or Xbox release doesn't mean the studio isn't interested. Developer Endnight Games have said in a developer interview that “we would love to come to console in the future, but are currently focused on delivering the best experience possible to PC players.”

Sons of the Forest has been delayed several times. Initially planned for a 2021 release that slipped to May 2022 and then October 2022, and finally February 2023 (we have the full Son of the Forest release time details if you need them). That also saw the game move from a full release to Early Access so it's probably best to expect a console release later, rather than sooner. 

While Son of the Forest is promising a maximum of eight months in Early Access, the previous Forest game launched in 2014, then fully on PC in April 2018 with the PS4 version following in November of the same year. So the end of Early Access will more than likely be the deciding factor on when it arrives on PlayStation or Xbox. 

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