How to get the Rebreather and Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest rebreather location
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The Sons of the Forest rebreather and stun gun in located in a coastal cave with numerous enemies and monsters standing between you and them. However, it's not impossible, and can be a lot easier with a handy guide to help you through it! It's not just a matter of extra gear and loot (though that certainly doesn't hurt in Sons of the Forest), but having these two items will allow you to reach the Sons of the Forest rope gun, which will in turn allow you to reach the equally useful Sons of the Forest shovel, all of which are essential to plot progression across the game. It's a difficult little quest to go on, but we'll show you what to do and where you're headed in our guide on how to find the Sons of the Forest rebreather and stun gun.

1. The Sons of the Forest rebreather is in this cave

Sons of the Forest rebreather cave location

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Head to this cave on the coast to start finding the rebreather. It'll probably be just beyond the first bit of beach you can see from where you start, so make sure you're heading to that coastline and not the closer one. 

When you get there look out for some buckets in the sand and a boarded up entrance hidden in the cliff wall. Build a shelter here before you head in and save your game. 

2. Grab the O2 canister inside the cave

Sons of the Forest o2 canister in the cave

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As soon you get inside you'll see some light and items scattered around. There will also be an O2 canister used by the Sons of the Forest rebreather. These are quite rare so definitely grab it. As well as this one, there's couple when you go looking for the shovel but that could be it initially. 

3. Get ready to run when you reach water

Sons of the Forest rebreather water section

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Keep moving forward until the path drops down into a lit area full of water, with a rubber ring flowing around. Drop down and creep forward - there's a lot of enemies ahead and you don't want to alert them too soon. There's some basic enemies and a giant mouth finger so try and avoid them as much as you can but run the second they see you.

Sons of the Forest stun gun and rebreather tunnel

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Eventually you'll see a light up ahead and some more monsters - more basic enemies and a finger. Try to stealth past them if that's an option or keep running if it isn't. Whatever's happening, get ready to make a decision: straight on for the stun gun, left for the rebreather. You can go for both but will probably have more monster trouble if you do.

4. The Sons of the Forest stun gun is found ahead

Sons of the Forest stun gun

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When you reach the end of the cave, if you go straight ahead where the light is you'll enter a long straight tunnel that will have the stun gun at the end. You'll know you're on the right track if you hear music and eventually pass a radio hanging from the ceiling.

There's a lot of enemies here so avoid or fight as you see fit. Just remember you'll have to go back past them as this is dead end. The stun gun is right at the end hanging next to a body.  

An extra Sons of the Forest rebreather

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5. The Sons of the Forest rebreather is in the left tunnel

Sons of the Forest rebreather tunnel

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If you turn left at the end of the cave when you reach the light you'll be in the tunnel that leads to the rebreather. You should pass some lifejackets on the floor and you can probably just run hell for leather at this point - it's a largely linear route with a few bottlenecks that will hold up any enemies trying to follow you. 

Sons of the Forest lights around the rebreather

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You'll eventually see some light around some more water. One of those lights is the Sons of the Forest rebreather so grab it to equip it. HOWEVER, don't jump in the water just in case you haven't noticed the shark yet… To make it easier to avoid the shark, walk around the water to the other side from where you got the rebreather.

using the Sons of the Forest rebreather

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Once you've walked around to the other side of the water as far as you can go then drop in the water - the rebreather will auto equip - and hug the wall underwater on the left until you see a passage leading out. Keep following that out and you'll eventually surface just out to sea, a little way from the cave entrance. 

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