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A Sons of the Forest hotkey system has been added in an update, allowing you to assign to items and tools to the number keys! When Sons of the Forest first hit early access, the game didn't have such a feature, forcing you to go via your inventory (one way or another), every time you wanted to swap whatever weapon or tool you had equipped. However, that's been changed in the most recent update, so we'll take you through how to hotkey weapons and tools in Sons of the Forest below, for those speedy-quickdraw attacks.

How to use Sons of the Forest hotkeys

Sons of the forest hotkey and inventory options

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To hotkey weapons in Sons of the Forest, players simply need to open their inventory, hold the mouse over the weapon, tool or item they want to hotkey, and hit the corresponding number on the keyboard (0-9) to assign that object to that number.

From that point on, you can quickly switch between all those different objects simply by using the assigned number keys! It's a far more expedient system, though for those who want to keep a certain amount of realism that Sons of the Forest is known for, there's a second option: quick slots.

To explain, you can access quick slots in your inventory by holding down i instead of pressing it. That will bring up your backpack instead of laying out your entire inventory on the floor: 

Sons of the forest quick inventory

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You also have some control about what's in the backpack, as you can select it from the inventory screen and change what in there. Not everything can be put in the backpack for quick selection, but it is basically a lumpy quick menu you can pull out in a pinch.

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