How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest as a companion

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To get Virginia in Sons of the Forest as a companion or ally is a matter of patience, as she'll join any friendly player with enough time. Virginia herself is a combat companion, capable of wielding weapons, defending herself and the player alike, and while she doesn't take orders, she will work to benefit the player and keep them safe where possible, even bringing food and berries from time to time. For a more in-depth explanation of how to recruit Virginia in Sons of the Forest, just read on, and we'll lay it out step-by-step.

How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest to join you

As mentioned, Virginia will join you in Sons of the Forest simply after enough time has passed, assuming you don't hurt her. The process goes like this:

  1. Early on in the game, you may notice Virginia nearby.
  2. She'll slowly approach you if not driven off.
  3. Stow any weapons you have out with G and allow her to approach, without making any sudden moves.
  4. She'll run off into the forest out of sight not long afterwards. Don't worry, that's normal.
  5. Later on, this pattern will repeat, with her emerging and disappearing again. Never do anything aggressive in these moments.
  6. Eventually, Virginia will warm up to you and learn to trust you. She'll start bringing you little food offerings initially and eventually simply start following you of her own accord. At this point, she is a companion you can have limited interactions with.

For more details on what Virginia's capable of doing, we've got her details listed here in the Sons of the Forest companions guide, where you can find out the limits of her abilities, as well as how to give her weapons and clothing.

Does Virginia respawn?

Sons of the Forest virginia

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No, she doesn't! If Virginia is killed, as per the Sons of the Forest respawn system, she's not coming back unless you start modding the game. You'll have a chance to revive her if she takes too much damage, but that's before she dies and while she goes into a downed state - if you don't get to her in time, or she takes further damage while downed, she'll die and there's no in-game way to respawn her within that save file.

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