All keycard locations in Sons of the Forest

Finding a Sons of the forest keycard
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Each Sons of the Forest keycard location - whether the maintenance keycard, the VIP keycard or guest keycard - is inside a different secured bunker. Some of these keycards will require other keycards to access, in fact, so there's effectively a chain of progression at play, allowing you to naturally move from one to the next. It's worth getting them all, not only because there's loot, weapons and resources to collect behind the doors they open, but because the story of Sons of the Forest actually is dependent on getting those keycards!

It won't be a walk in the park though: getting to the first keycard requires you to have the Sons of the Forest shovel, which in turn needs you to get the Sons of the Forest rope gun, which allows you to move on ziplines, and the Sons of the Forest rebreather, which allows you to survive underwater. The linked guides will explain how to get those items, but if you have them already, read on for all the locations of the Sons of the Forest keycards!

All Sons of the Forest keycard locations

Sons of the forest keycard map

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Assuming you have the shovel and are ready to go, these are the three Sons of the Forest keycards and the order to get them in: 

  1. Maintenance keycard
  2. VIP keycard
  3. Guest keycard

Each of the keycards are marked by the green circles on your Sons of the Forest map, which we've marked here. Remember to do them in this order as you'll need the Maintenance key card to reach the VIP keycard, and both of those open doors in the area you'll get the Guest keycard from. 

Now, let's take a look at how to get all three Sons of the Forest keycards. 

Sons of the Forest Maintenance Key card

Sons of the forest maintenance keycard location

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You'll need to start with the Sons of the Forest maintenance key card as it opens the door to the next card. Head here on the map and look for a golf cart in a clearing with some survey equipment. If you investigate the area in the middle you should see a shovel prompt appear which will let you dig out the Maintenance A hatch. 

Sons of the forest maintenance a hatch

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Head inside where you'll find a long thin corridor. Take care here as at the end you'll find some baby enemies in a storeroom so take them out first. Once the area's cleared you can check out the room just off the corridor. The Maintenance keycard is on the desk next to the 3D printer. 

Sons of the Forest VIP keycard

Sons of the forest VIP keycard location

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The Sons of the Forest VIP keycard is found here on the island, in a small cave near some more golf carts. Head inside and you'll pass through a small cave passage that will lead to a hatch labelled Food and Dining. Open it, climb down, and you'll find yourself in a store room. There will be some bodies full of crossbow bolts you'll want to grab, as you'll find the crossbow itself later. Use the Maintenance Card on the door with the keypad to proceed. 

Sons of the forest VIP plant room

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Once you've used the Maintenance card to open the door you'll find yourself in a room full of plants. There will be some babies in here so take them out before proceeding. In between the racks of plants you will also find the crossbow. 

There's a door leading into shadow at the end of the room but be careful - there is a finger enemy in there so be ready for a fight. Once it's taken care of, head into another storage area with some supplies to grab. Keep moving forward into a corridor full of water. Keep following this path until you a door at the end of the corridor. 

Sons of the forest VIP keycard door

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This door needs the VIP keycard so look for a left turn as you approach it. Head in when you see the door and follow this path until you reach a control room with screens on the wall. The VIP keycard is on the desk under these screens. Once you have it you can then access the VIP area. Inside you'll find a fancy dining area full of dead mutants and not much else. You can either leave the way you came in or swim out through the water past the broken windows. You'll meet a lot of enemies that way though so it's not really worth it. 

Sons of the Forest Guest keycard

Sons of the forest Guest keycard location

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The Sons of the Forest guest keycard is the final one you can find for the moment and it's here on the map. Look out for an overgrown golf cart which is just in front of a cave mouth. Head in, through the cave passage, and into a corridor where you'll find a room with a bed, 3D printer and supplies, including crossbow bolts. Leave the room and you'll see light at the end of the tunnel to your right. Go this way and turn right again when you reach the end to find a door. 

Sons of the forest guest keycard door

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The maintenance keycard will open this door into a dark gym area. The first part of this area is safe but be careful when you get to the otherside: on the right is a pool area full of babies and on the left is another gym space full of blind cannibals. You can probably ignore the pool as there's nothing much in there but you're going to have to realistically fight your way through the cannibals as there's a lot more enemies to come so it's best to take them all out as you go. Once you've cleared them you'll be able to see an orange area with a reception desk. 

Sons of the forest guest keycard gym area

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There are three finger enemies here - one behind the reception desk and two in front of the doors either side in the area behind. Sneak past of take them out and move through the doors where you'll find some stairs going up to another pool area. 

Sons of the forest guest keycard pool

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At the end of this area you'll see a keycard door to your right and a bar. If you move into the bar and head to the seating area at the back you'll find the Guest keycard on a table surrounded by bodies. 

Getting the Sons of the forest guest keycard

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However, you're not done yet. There's also a locked door by the bar that the VIP keycard opens where you'll find some supplies and a shotgun rail. If you go back to the locked door just before the bar you can open it to reach another room - to one side is a tunnel that leaves the bunker (there's a drop making it one way so it's not really worth it) and a cinema at the back where you can get the chainsaw from the body of one of the audience. You'll have to fight some blind cannibals, babies and a finger in this areas.

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