All Sons of the Forest item IDs and how to add items to your inventory

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Sons of the Forest item IDs are used in console commands to spawn items in, effectively convenient cheats for specific weapons, armor and loot. It's not an unfair thing to want; Sons of the Forest is a purposefully brutal survival game, and while some might relish in the attempt to confront nature and cannibal mutants in a fair fight, we don't blame others for wanting to even the odds a little with some behind-the-scenes hacking.

If you want to do anything more than add items to your inventory then our Sons of the Forest cheats guide has a more comprehensive look at what you can do if you want to make further alterations to your game, but if you just want to stuff your backpack full of hacker's lucre, our guide on how to add items with Sons of the Forest item IDs will serve nicely.

Warning: If you enter the codes incorrectly you risk losing your save so make a backup of your save file before you do anything. With that in mind, modify the game at your own risk! 

All item IDs in Sons of the Forest we know of so far

We've laid out all the item IDs in Sons of the Forest we know of below, arranged alphabetically by the item itself. With so much to look for and through, we recommend using the "find" function on your browser to leap to whatever item you specifically want!

  • Alcohol: 414
  • Aloe Vera: 451
  • Air Canister: 469
  • Backpack: 402
  • Battery: 527
  • Blueprint Book: 552
  • Bone Armor: 494
  • Buckshot (Shotgun ammo): 364
  • Canned Food: 434
  • Cash: 496
  • Chainsaw: 394
  • Cloth: 415
  • Cooking Pot: 517
  • Crafted Spear: 474
  • Creepy Armor: 593
  • Cross: 468
  • Crossbow: 365
  • Crossbow Bolt: 368
  • Duct Tape: 419
  • Emergency Pack: 483
  • Energy Drink: 439
  • Energy Bar: 441
  • Energy Mix: 461
  • Energy Mix +: 462
  • Feather: 479
  • Fish: 436
  • Flare: 440
  • Flashlight: 471
  • Flask: 426
  • Food Tray: 512
  • Frag Grenade: 381
  • Golden Armour: 572
  • GPS Locator: 529
  • GPS Tracker: 412
  • Grab Bag: 351
  • Grappling Hook: 560
  • Guest Keycard: 526
  • Guide Book: 589
  • Health Mix: 455
  • Health Mix +: 456
  • Hide Armor: 519
  • Knife: 380
  • Leaf: 484
  • Leaf Armor: 473
  • Loot Pouch: 508
  • Log: 78
  • Medium Rock: 506
  • Modern Arrow: 373
  • Molotovs: 388
  • MRE snack Rations: 438
  • Noodles: 421
  • Pistol: 355
  • Pistol ammo: 362
  • Pistol Silencer: 374
  • Plasma Lighter: 413
  • Printer Arrow: 618
  • Printer Resin: 390
  • Radio: 590
  • Raw Meat: 433
  • Rebreather: 444
  • Revolver: 386
  • Rock: 393
  • Rope: 403
  • Rope Gun: 522
  • Severed Arm: 480
  • Severed Leg: 481
  • Shotgun: 358
  • Skin Pouch: 508
  • Skull: 430
  • Sled: 428
  • Slug (Shotgun ammo): 363
  • Small Rock: 476 
  • Stick: 392
  • Stone Arrow: 507
  • Stun Gun: 353
  • Stun Gun Ammo: 369
  • Swimsuit: 619
  • Tactical Axe: 379
  • Tarp: 504
  • Tech Armor: 554
  • Tech Mesh: 553
  • Torch: 503
  • Turtle Shell: 506
  • Walkie Talkie: 486
  • Wristwatch: 410
  • Zipline Rope: 523

How to add items in Sons of the Forest to your inventory

Sons of the Forest add item cheat

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  1. Open Sons of the Forest, and enter the saved game you want to add items to and save again (this isn't essential, but it'll help you navigate files in a moment).
  2. Close Sons of the Forest completely! You shouldn't do the rest of this while the game is open.
  3. Open your File Explorer and look for the following: (C:) > Users > (your name) > AppData > LocalLow > Endnight > SonsOfTheForest > Saves.
  4. At this point you'll be presented with a folder with a seventeen-digit number that's effectively your player ID. Enter it.
  5. In this folder, choose either SinglePlayer or Multiplayer, depending on the kind of save file you want to add items to.
  6. Here you'll be presented with a different-numbered folder for every save file you have in Sons of the Forest. There's no way to tell them apart - except that if you just entered the game file you want to edit, it should be the most recent! Arrange them by "Date Modified" and open the newest one.
  7. Go to PlayerInventorySaveData and open it in NotePad (or other plain text file editor).
  8. The string of text code represents the player's inventory; what's in it and how much.
  9. Go to the end, and look for a sequence of code rounding off the file that reads ":[]}]}}"}}
  10. Enter the following code in the space highlighted in the image above, so that it matches what we've displayed exactly (or copy/paste this into the file where shown):


  11. Replace ItemIDHere with the actual item ID, and NumberOfItemsHere with how many of that item you want. There should be no spaces on either side of those numbers.
  12. If you already have the item and want to add more, don't add new code! Just look for its item ID, and just tweak the number of items to match the amount you want.
  13. Once you've finished editing the file, save it, then close PlayerInventorySaveData (you don't want the game and file open simultaneously).
  14. Reopen Sons of the Forest and enter your saved game. Your edited inventory should now apply!

There's a few things to keep in mind, the big one being: do not add more items to your inventory than the game can support! Certain special or key items players can only carry one of at a time, while others can hold more. If something seems special, unique or valuable, such as the Chainsaw, just give yourself one to hold - it's not like you can dual-wield them, after all. For objects like coins, leaves or consumables, don't go crazy - keeping your inventory under 20 for most things is a good idea. If you use up what you're carrying, you can always go back into the PlayerInventorySaveData and add more, after all.

How to find out Item IDs in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the forest fish

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If there's a new item in Sons of the Forest you want to find out the ID for, there's a way to do that, though it's a little erratic. Find that object in-game, drop everything else in your inventory, quit the game and check the PlayerInventorySaveData file! While it doesn't name the object specifically, you should be able to corroborate the item with the number by process of elimination. 

Of course, if you're more interested in finding this sort of gear yourself without having to tinker with code and files, we've got the Sons of the Forest item locations laid out here.

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