All Sons of the Forest item locations

Sons of the forest weapons
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I've found all Sons of the Forest item locations and marked them on the map below for players to use, an essential advantage to exploring. While a big part of Sons of the Forest is scouring the world and looking for items and gear yourself, sometimes you could use a helping hand to narrow down the specific locations of items you need. 

Fortunately, I can show you where to look - though keep in mind that we actually put together our own page on where to find all the Sons of the Forest weapons, as there are so many of those that they deserve their own specific page. Alternatively, if you don't feel like looking for anything, check out the page on Sons of the Forest item IDs I put together, which explains how you can actually spawn items into your inventory anywhere. Otherwise, read on to find all the item locations in Sons of the Forest, and what you'll need to find them!

All item locations in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest item locations

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We've listed all the item locations in Sons of the Forest below, broken up by item type. If a corresponding number comes up more than once, it's because you can find it in more than one place!

Key items and useful equipment (red)

  1. Flashlight. Found on the hanging corpse at one of the Sons of the Forest GPS locators.
  2. Rebreather. Found in a shark-filled cave. Use our Sons of the Forest rebreather guide for more info.
  3. Rope Gun/Cross. In a waterlogged cave, requires the rebreather. For more info, read our Sons of the Forest rope gun.
  4. Shovel/Slingshot. The Sons of the Forest shovel and Cross are found inside a cave with bodies outside. Requires both the rebreather and rope gun.
  5. Can opener. Next to a tent on the mountain (East), or at the camp by the waterfall (West).

Sons of the Forest keycards (yellow)

  1. Maintenance Keycard. Behind a trapdoor dug up with the shovel, next to the Printer.
  2. VIP Keycard. Behind a door that requires the Maintenance Keycard, under some computer screens.
  3. Guest Keycard. In an underground bar that requires the Maintenance Keycard.

Armor (blue)

  1. Golden Armor/Mask. On level 2 and the level 5 autopsy room of the bunker respectively.

Player spawn points (purple)

  1. Spawn point (coast).
  2. Spawn point (forest).
  3. Spawn point (mountain).

You'll also notice that we've marked if you need specific items to reach any of this equipment, as well as linking to any guides we've written if you need more detail. We've also listed the spawn points - players start off at one of three locations when they start a new game in Sons of the Forest, so it's useful to know exactly where you are as a point of reference (though there's nothing stopping you from strapping on your hiking boots and marching somewhere else to set up camp).

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