Where to find the Sunken Goldmine in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones Sunken Goldmine
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The Skull and Bones Sunken Goldmine outpost has a few good blueprints available to buy that are worth your attention, if you're looking for another ship and new weaponry. You'll find it within the Coast of Africa on the western side of the map in Skull and Bones, which means you'll be sailing up narrow river streams and past all sorts of settlements and potentially dangerous ships to reach it. Regardless, some of those blueprints are worth trading for, so this is where you need to go to find the Sunken Goldmine in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Sunken Goldmine location

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To find the Sunken Goldmine outpost, you've got to venture into the northwestern part of the Skull and Bones map on the Coast of Africa, following the river channels further inland. It’s right next to Ziwa Kubwa and is directly west of Harufu. If you happen to be near the Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove outpost, the Sunken Goldmine is roughly north-northwest of that.

The Coast of Africa region is full of settlements and bases, which naturally means there are a lot of ships around that could attack if you give them a bad look. Make sure you come prepared with repair kits and cannonballs when you sail here. All those ships also mean it's a good place to scavenge for basic resources, and you can easily log for Skull and Bones acacia while you're here.

Skull and Bones Sunken Goldmine blueprints

Skull and Bones Sunken Goldmine Ungwana vendor and sloop blueprint

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After you've disembarked your ship, go over to the Ungwana Merchant on the beach. Like other outpost vendors, this person sells basic supplies, but also some exclusive blueprints, such as the Sloop ship blueprint:

  • Bombard III weapon blueprint: Ship weapon that shells a wide area. Must be Buccaneer I.
  • Demi-cannon Works I furniture blueprint: Increases elemental damage multiplier of demi-cannons by 19%. Must be Buccaneer I.
  • Sloop ship blueprint: Increases torpedo speed by 15%. Must be Buccaneer I.
  • Kallinikos Flame I weapon blueprint: Enhanced sea fire weapon. Must be Corsair I.

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