How to solve the Skull and Bones Relics of the Past treasure map

Skull and Bones Relics of the Past
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The Skull and Bones Relics of the Past treasure map can prove tricky to solve, especially if this is one of the first such challenges you've encountered in the game. You'll be presented with a clue and map leading you to the missing Sea People Relic, but to work out exactly where to go you'll likely need to explore the seas of Skull and Bones further, then when you get to the actual location the map itself is somewhat misleading. To help you find the prize, here's how to solve the Relics of the Past treasure map in Skull and Bones.

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How to solve the Relics of the Past treasure map in Skull and Bones

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After speaking to the Sea People Merchant in Vorona Falls and accepting the Relics of the Past contract, you'll receive the Sea People Relic Clue treasure map. You can view this clue and map by either selecting the item in your Cargo then choosing the Read Treasure Map option, or by tracking the Relics of the Past contact and expanding it with the option in the top right corner of your screen before following the prompt to Read Treasure Map. Unlike the Investigation clues, you can't bring up a text version of the writing for easier reading, but the full statement is:

"One of our camps was raided by the Fara at Red Isle, Tenina Coast, in Fort Louis, and our brothers and sisters returned to the Sea. We left our items there for fear of another raid, the relic included."

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This clue tells us that Fort Louis on the Tenina Coast is the destination we need, and if you haven't already discovered it, I've marked the location for you on the Skull and Bones map above. It's at the south end of the vertical strip of islands, found to the west of Sainte-Anne.

Where to find the Sea People Relic in Skull and Bones

Where to dig up the Skull and Bones Relics of the Past Sea People Relic

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As soon as you Disembark at the Fort Louis outpost, a notification will appear at the top of the screen stating Treasure is in this Outpost to confirm you're on the right track. To find the Sea People Relic in Skull and Bones, immediately head to your left on the beach with your landing craft behind you, and look for two wooden crosses emerging from the sand. When you get close, and orange beam will emerge from the ground to confirm where you need to search, then follow the Dig Up Item prompt to trigger a Contract Item Retrieved notification.

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The above map shows exactly where you need to go in Fort Louis to retrieve the Sea People Relic, in case there's any doubt. Be aware that the same pair of crosses also appear in other areas of Fort Louis, and the X marked on the Skull and Bones Relics of the Past treasure map itself is shown much further inland, so don't let that lead you off course.

Map showing Skull and Bones Relics of the Past delivery location in Palisade Bay

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Now all you need to do is take the Sea People Relic and return it to Palisade Bay, which is found to the northwest of Sainte-Anne. Sail up and follow the Interact prompt, then select Relics of the Past from the list of available contracts to collect your rewards. Note that it's possible to lose Contract Items and fail objectives, so I recommend you either deliver it immediately or at least store it safely in the Warehouse or a Cache, to reduce the risk of this happening.

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