How to get to the Kaa Mangrove in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove outpost
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The Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove outpost is a key place for any up-and-coming pirates, so it's worth visiting the Coast of Africa to find it. If you're coming from Sainte-Anne, it's quite a long and perilous journey as you'll have to sail through open water and island shallows – both of which can be full of Rogues and other Skull and Bones foes. However, some of the blueprints that can be bought at the outpost are well worth having, so here's how you make the journey to the Kaa Mangrove in Skull and Bones, and which blueprints you can get there.

Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove location

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The Kaa Mangrove pirate outpost is on the western edge of the Skull and Bones map, on the Coast of Africa. It's right next to Sultani Island and is almost directly west of Sainte-Anne on the Skull and Bones map, but you obviously need to go around the Red Isle to get to it – this might be a good opportunity to complete the Skull and Bones Red Isle treasure map for Caradec's Bounty if you haven't already, as well as visit the nearby Sunken Goldmine.

However, the Kaa Mangrove outpost is quite the voyage from Sainte-Anne, so I recommend upgrading your ship as much as possible and stocking up on cannonballs and restoration kits. I made the crossing in a basic Bedar ship, and while it was fine for the most part, some Rogues ships caused me a few issues right outside Sainte-Anne. Make sure you feed your crew as you sail, for various buffs that'll make the journey across easier!

Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove blueprints

Skull and Bones Kaa Mangrove outpost officer selling Barge ship blueprint

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Once you get to the Kaa Mangrove outpost, disembark like normal, then head over to the Corrupt Compagnie Officer on the right and take a look at his wares. As well as food and basic supplies, this officer sells several useful blueprints, though the Barge ship blueprint is arguably the most important:

  • Torpedo Crate ammunition blueprint: A crate that holds up to 60 torpedos. Must be Freebooter I.
  • La Forteresse I ship armor blueprint: Decent early-game ship armor. Must be Freebooter I.
  • Torpedo Grinder I furniture blueprint: Increases torpedo speed by 15%. Must be Buccaneer I.
  • Barge ship blueprint: Rank 3 ship that specializes in damage and the ablaze status effect. Must be Buccaneer I.
  • Kallinikos Flame II weapon blueprint: Enhanced sea fire weapon. Must be Cutthroat I.

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