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Simon Kinberg explains problems with an X-Men / Fantastic Four crossover

With Josh Trank rebooting The Fantastic Four and the X-Men adventures continuing to line up on Fox's release schedule, many fans have been wondering whether the two franchises might cross over at some point.

However, while producer / screenwriter Simon Kinberg is intrigued by the idea, he does point out a couple of logistical hurdles that might throw a potential spanner in the works…

"None of the X-Men movies have acknowledged the notion of a sort of superhero team - the Fantastic Four," explained Kinberg, when the question was put to him.

"And the Fantastic Four acquire powers, so for them to live in a world where mutants are prevalent is kind of complicated, because you’re like, 'Oh, you’re just a mutant.' Like, 'What’s so fantastic about you?'"

He makes a good point, although we wouldn't be surprised if there were a few Easter Eggs thrown into the two franchises that might make a sly reference to the other.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens in the UK on 22 May 2014, while The Fantastic Four will arrive on 18 June 2015.