SFX at the London Film and Comic Con [UPDATED]

SFX is pleased to announce that we have a stand at this year's London Film and Comic Con , and will be putting on another cosmic promotion. The event takes place next weekend, that’s 1 and 2 September 2007 , at Earl’s Court 1 (Warwick Road, London). Readers who met up with us at Collectormania will have an inkling of the kind of thing to expect:

  • [UPDATED] We now have 40 Star Wars tins from Topps to give away free to the first people who subscribe at the show! These are 30th anniversary limited editions which you could only get at Celebration Europe (where they sold out apart from these 40). Each tin comes with five pocket model game packs and are worth over £30 each. First come first served basis, folks!
  • On the SFX stand there’ll be a Ford Anglia car from the Harry Potter movies, as well as a life-sized model of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates movies (photo opportunities welcome).
  • Saturday: the lovely Sarah Sutton from classic Doctor Who will be signing autographs on the SFX stand.
  • Martin Firrell, the renowned artist behind the Hero project that heavily features Nathan Fillion, will be joining us throughout the weekend. If you’re a Nathan Fillion fan, then you won't want to miss the opportunity to pick up postcards, or to win an exclusive print (only ten in the world – a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their massive public art project). The only way to get one is to come along to see Martin on the SFX stand. Visit his official website: link here .

    Above: the Hero project by Martin Firrell starring Nathan Fillion.

  • We have UK exclusive Heroes posters to give away, as well as SFX goodie bags for those who sign up to our discounted subscription offer.

    Above: the exclusive DVD promo poster for Heroes, only available on the SFX stand.

  • Special effects guru and founder of Millennium FX, Neill Gorton, will be on the SFX stand at points throughout the weekend, with some of his props from shows like Doctor Who. Find out more
    here .
  • Meet the SFX team ! A number of staff will be present on each day. You’ll be able to pick up the latest SFX Heroes special and recent copies of the main magazine for bargain prices too. Remember to come and show us if you get copies of your mag signed by any celebrities!

Naturally the rest of the event will be jam-packed with the usual mix of dealers, plus autograph opportunities with guests such as Jack “Mr Bennet from Heroes” Coleman and Hayden “Claire from Heroes” Panettiere (Sunday), Patrick Stewart (Sunday) and Torri “Stargate Atlantis” Higginson (both days). More details at the official event site link: The London Film and Comic Con .

See you there!

Below: the SFX stand at Collectormania back in May.

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