SFX and Nathan Fillion

I’ve just coming back from meeting Nathan "Captain Mal Reynolds" Fillion! What a nice bloke. You may recall we explained what was happening on the website here .

On Wednesday night, SFX (in the form of myself, Adrian, Jayne and others from our publishing team) attended the 10th birthday party of sister mag Total Film at London’s prestigious Café De Paris. Nathan joined us as our guest at the event, along with renowned artist Martin Firrell with whom he’s working on a secret project, and we raised a glass or two and managed to communicate above the thumping music.

Fortunately, no such communication concerns the following morning when I sat with Nathan in his peaceful South Kensington hotel room; we chatted for ages about everything from meeting Joss Whedon for the first time, to his recent project, and beyond to his long-term ambitions. Sadly, he had just heard that his latest TV show (Drive) had been axed that night - but despite that he kept in good spirits and was enormously patient as I posed questions from our readers.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Nathan. And thanks to all the SFX readers who submitted questions for him. You can read those answers in a forthcoming issue of the magazine, although I can tease you here by exclusively revealing that he believes a caveman would win in an unarmed fight with an astronaut.

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