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SFX Predictathon

SFX gazes into the crystal ball for a few predictions about Merlin , Battlestar Galactica , Fringe and more

1 The CW will start subtitling all episodes of The Vampire Diaries so that the dialogue doesn’t get in the way of the soppy indie pop that drowns the soundtrack

2 Syfy will announce a spin-off crossover prequel series: BattleStargate: Desperation

3 By series five Gaius will get through an episode of Merlin without saying, “It’s your word against [the villain of the week]’s. Uther will never believe you.”

4 Russell T Davies will include the mythology-changing throwaway line, “The first time I met the Doctor, she tried to kill me,” in Torchwood: The New World

5 There will be some kind of Superman tease in The Green Lantern film

6 Somebody in Fringe ’s alternative universe will go to Geronimo Jackson concert

7 The words “Isle of Wight” will not be heard in Sam Raimi’s The Day Of The Triffids

8 Mark Millar will announce that his shopping list has been optioned for a movie

9 Misfits series two will break viewing figure records for E4

10 Nobody from the New Zealand Council of Trade Union’s executive committee will be on Peter Jackson’s Christmas card list