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Search between an oasis, rock archway and dinosaurs - Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 Challenge

This week's Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges (opens in new tab) for Season 5 Week 2 treasure map asks you to Search between an oasis, rock archway and dinosaurs to find those battle stars. Let's show you where that is and save you the effort of actually looking. 

Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges Week 2: Search between an oasis, rock archway and dinosaurs

The dinosaur is the big giveaway here as you can only find them in Paradise Palms. Head to the southern part of that area and the southern most road, North from the dinos you'll see a stone bridge between the mountains, forming the arch of the riddle and, west of that, a river leading to the oasis.  

To find the stars head to that ledge the mountain in the image, where you can see a big inverted rock and some cacti. 

Fortnite Challenges Week 2 challenges Battle Star locations

Once you land by the big rock have a run around and they should pop near the base. 

Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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