Where are the Fortnite basketball courts for the score a basket on different hoops challenge?

This week's Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges asks you to score a basket on different hoops. You only need to score 5 hoops from a possible 9 courts so you have plenty of options when the bus flies over. 

However, there's two parts to this: unlocking the basketball emote, and then finding the actual Basketball hoops on the Fortnite map. Let's start with the first bit because otherwise the laws of logic collapse and chaos reigns. 

How to shoot a basketball in Fortnite

The Fortnite basketball is actually a new kind of toy emote and it's one of the first you unlock when you level your battle pass up to tier 11. If you haven't reached that yet you'll either have to play to gain the battle stars you need, or pay to unlock the tiers - either by buying a battle pass, or by purchasing the individual tiers. 

Once you have the basketball you can go into your emotes in the locker menu, equip it and use it like a normal emote. Scoring a hoop will take a little trial and error - you throw the ball where you're looking so it'll go higher and further if you look up. The easiest way to do it is to zero in as close as you can to scoring, then physically move backwards and forwards until you hit that sweet spot. 

Where are the Fortnite basketball courts? 

There are 9 courts in total with a high concentration on the west side of the map. Your best bet is always to take the ones nearer the end of the bus run so there's less people around. Don't worry about playing a full game, just land, score the shot and then it doesn't matter if you die. Note: while some courts have two hoops, you can only score once at each court. 

It's best to make sure you've got the basketball emote equipped before you get on the bus, but you can scroll through your emote / sprays in your locker, it just might take a bit longer. We all know time can be of the essence after all.

Now, let's go through the Fortnite basketball locations and find those hoops on the map. 

Fortnite basketball hoop location: Junk Junction

You'll find a basketball court by the orange crusher in Junk Junction. Well, half a one at least. But that single hoop is all you need to score, so take the shot. 

Fortnite basketball hoop location: Snobby shores

If you're approaching Snobby Shore from east to west - so facing the coast - there's a Basketball court in the second house on the right with two hoops. 

Fortnite basketball hoop location: football pitch west of Tilted Towers

Head to the covered football pitch to the west of Tilted Towers and you'll find a basketball court with two hoops where the two silver roofed buildings meet. 

Fortnite basketball hoop location: Tilted Towers 

Ahahaha... wait, really? That's where you want to go? Okay, good luck with that. Head to the north western side and you'll find a raised basketball court up some stairs with two hoops. And death. You'll find death. 

Fortnite basketball hoop location: Greasy Grove 

You'll find a basketball court with two hoop in the north east corner of Greasy Grove near the children's swings. 

Fortnite basketball hoop location: South west of Salty Springs

Find the big mountain south west of Salty Springs and you'll find a lone basketball hoop on top near the house. 

Fortnite basketball hoop location: trailer park east of Retail Row

The trailer park to the east of Retail Row has a single basketball hoop by the fences to the south western corner.

Fortnite basketball hoop location: Retail Row

There's a two hoop basketball court to the south of Retail Row, on the side with the water tower. 

Fortnite basketball hoop location: Paradise Palms

There's a single basketball hoop at the end of the street on the eastern side of the main city area in Paradise Palms. That's the one with the tall apartment/hotel building. 

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