Save money on some quality - and quirky - Razer peripheral bundles in this sale

Razer Kraken X
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Deals on Razer gaming tech are always welcome and the gaming hardware giant is rolling out some attractive propositions this month on its website. As well as some tempting price cuts on their Razer Blade laptops, there are some more unique and underrated bundles that are seeing some discounts too. These offer great ways to get a new audio setup into your life, or have a complete overhaul of your work and play PC peripherals.

We have come to know Razer's excellence in the audio, mouse, and keyboard markets, and there's now a great opportunity to get a triumvirate of such items into your life, for less. With Razer's pristine Mercury (white) finish draped over all of the peripherals, you can pick up a Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse, a Blackwidow Lite keyboard, and a Kraken X headset in one bundle, and save $60 in doing so (scroll down the page to see this bundle once you click through). This is a lot of bang for your buck. The Viper Ultimate is one of the best mice for shooters going and has a welcome ambidextrous design that's fit for all, the BlackWidow Lite is a modest keyboard but one that has satisfying and responsive buttons great for playing and for typing, and while the Kraken X is a lighter model of the family, it is absolutely worthy of the Kraken mantle. If you've been eyeing up a bunch of new Razer gear recently, or are someone looking to throw out their old home office or budget equipment in order to do complete inventory rehaul with quality gaming gear, then this is a great deal.

Another underrated bundle comprises the latest iteration of the Hammerhead earbuds that I greatly enjoy from Razer. The new Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro earbuds have an extended battery life, feature advanced noise cancellation, and a comfortable in-ear design. If you fancy the look of these but want a flashy protective case then you can get this bundle that throws in the Razer THS case for $214.99, a saving of a neat $15 - which is welcome given how new the products are.

Despite Black Friday and Cyber Weekend sales being firmly in the rearview mirror now, we are still seeing lots of price cuts and sales events in the world of gaming tech, and Razer is ensuring it is involved too. While these particular deals supported Razer's recent RazerStore Live event - a live stream held on December 3rd, 2020, that was packed with product announcements, prices, and promos - there is also going to be a thorough Razer Holiday Gift Guide that'll provide reams of quality gaming gift ideas that folks can peruse and be guided through as they search for that perfect gift from Razer's vast library of gear.


Razer Exclusive Mercury bundle | Viper Ultimate mouse (inc. charging dock) + Kraken X headset + BlackWidow Lite keyboard | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$290 $229.99 at Razer (scroll down to see deal)
Anyone looking to stock up on some of Razer's peripherals in one fell swoop, listen up. This is an excellent saving on three items that'll get you gaming at high levels of enjoyment immediately.


Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro and THS Case bundle | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$230 $214.99 at Razer (scroll down to see deal)
This is a neat saving and the best way to enjoy the latest in the Hammerhead True Wireless range. With better battery life and a quality case to keep them secure this the perfect premium mobile audio gift to yourself or anyone else this winter.

If you're a fan of all things Razer, then check out our guides on Razer headsets and Razer keyboards to help continue your research.

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