Make your room 100% cooler with $60 off a starter set of RGB Nanoleaf panels

Nanoleaf Canvas

While you're wrapping up with the last few hours of Cyber Monday gaming deals and Cyber Monday TV deals, don't neglect the most-forgotten part of your gaming setup: the room itself. You could paint some neon space invaders on the wall like an '80s arcade, or you could become what an '80s arcade wanted to be with some Nanoleaf light panels that look like they were pulled straight out of Tron. The company's offering some of its steepest discounts ever, which means its "smarter" (AKA starter) kits are selling out, but there are still some great deals to grab - especially with the right coupon code.

They're ordinarily a spendy way to add some adaptable pizzazz to your home, but Nanoleaf's Black Friday sale is dropping prices on their stylish triangular light panels and square canvas shapes - with even more savings if you put in offer code NANOBFCM25 for the panels or offer code NANOBFCM30 for the Canvas at checkout. Nanoleaf is offering seasonal savings across its line of products, but that coupon code will only give you an extra 30 percent saving on the Canvas and Light Panels.

The concept is simple: they're panels that you stick on your wall with removable two-sided tape, and then you can sync them up to your devices to make them light up whatever color you want. You can adjust their brightness, or even have them cycle through colors. Nanoleaf works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and you can even even sync it up to Razer Synapse to turn an entire wall into a beautiful extension of your PC's RGB. There's also an official PlayStation Blue scene created by Nanoleaf if you want to perfectly accent your new PS5.

Pretty glowy squar...

Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit: $199.99 $138.60 (save $61.39 with offer code NANOBFCM30)
These square panels stick to your wall, then they link together with your devices and light up to create an effect somewhere between an art installation and a custom RGB kit. Make sure to punch in offer code NANOBFCM30 to get some the best savings you'll find all year.

$299.99 $224.10 (save $75.89 with offer code NANOBFCM25)
Pretty glowy trian...

Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit: $299.99 $224.10 (save $75.89 with offer code NANOBFCM25)
If you're in for a full-on high-tech look, the classic triangular Nanoleaf Light Panels will get you there in style. This Smarter Kit includes everything you need to get started, and you save a whopping $75.89 off the sticker price with
offer code NANOBFCM25.

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