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Save $400 (that's 25%) on this superb Lenovo Legion Y545 gaming laptop

Save $400 on this great Lenovo Legion Y545 gaming laptop
(Image credit: Lenovo)

Getting a cheap deal on a gaming laptop is essential. You pay a premium for gaming laptops because they have to pack in powerful components into a thin chassis, and offer a screen, keyboard and touchpad. So when a genuinely good offer comes along, it's very much worth paying attention. And Walmart is offering such a deal right now: it has slashed the price of the Lenovo Legion Y545 to $1,200 down from its list price of  $1,600. This makes this machine a genuine bargain with a high bang-for-buck ratio. 

Lenovo is a trustworthy brand known for subtle but powerful devices (a relation of the Y545 holds the number two position in our guide to the best gaming laptops), and the Y545 is no different. It's packed with an Intel Core i7-9750H processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, 16GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD which will make easy work of your loads times. If you've been saving up for a portable machine that will get you ray-tracing-fired gaming, or as a strong way in to the world of PC and laptop gaming. this is one of the best routes to both in recent times.

At 0.97 inches thick and 5.7 lbs in weight, this is a lighter, thinner machine than you may be used to. There are also some noteworthy features squirreled away inside the Legion Y545 - underneath its Full HD 144HZ IPS screen. It features a dual thermal channel dubbed 'Legion Coldfront' that lowers the laptop's temperature overall and means quieter fans. It offers a full-size keyboard with 1ms response time, 1.7mm key travel, and subtle white backlighting. An RTX 2060 graphics card isn't bad going for a gaming laptop, either. As one of the best graphics cards around, it's an affordable entry point for ray tracing, and will consistently present the latest and greatest games to very high qualities on high settings, and will offer a decent amount of future proofing. The same is true of the i7 processor, making this machine a decent rival for some of the best gaming PCs

Lenovo Legion Y545 gaming laptop | 15.6" Full HD IPS | i7-9750H CPU | RTX 2060 GPU | 16GB RAM | $1,200 at Walmart (save $400)
It's widely accepted that future-proofed gaming laptops maintain pretty high pricetags, so getting one that's as well specced as this for a whole 25% off is a sound deal and a genuinely solid purchase.View Deal

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