Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges guide

The Lost City - Vandal

Destroy 8 statues.

Statue #1

The first statue is the only one in the town area - it's in front of the large structure you zipped by to get to street level.

Statue #2 & #3

Head for the steps that lead out of the north end of town to find the second and third statues, one on either side.

Statue #4

On a railing right next to the Citadel Plaza camp.

Statue #5

Look near the horse statue near the Citadel Plaza camp to spot this.

Statue #6

From the same plaza, look up to the entrance to the second gate to see the sixth statue.

Statue #7

When returning to the plaza from the third trebuchet, look for this on the first rooftop.

Statue #8

Before dropping down to the plaza, leap to the other roof (above the Citadel Plaza camp) to reach the final statue.

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