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Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges guide

Soviet Installation - Data Corruption

Destroy 10 red laptops.

Laptop #1

You can complete this challenge while escaping from the prison area (though you can certainly revisit if you need to), and the bulk of the laptops are found in the large courtyard where you're tasked with opening the gate. The first is situated on a crate by the gate itself.

Laptop #2

The second is on another crate nearby.

Laptop #3

The third is outside the small office containing the gate controls.

Laptop #4 & #5

There are two laptops inside the same office.

Laptop #6

On the immediate other side of the gate, once you've opened it.

Laptop #7

This is found when battling through the Trinity soldiers. Before you drop into the hole in the ground in the shed, look to your right.

Laptop #8

The next laptop is found just past the gate at the Gulag camp, inside a shack. You might want to wait until after the shootout to get it.

Laptop #9

There's another laptop in the shack across the way - you may even destroy it accidentally, by pulling down the roof with your new rope arrows.

Laptop #10

The final laptop is in the building with the dead soldiers.

Soviet Installation - Difference of Opinion

Burn 7 posters.

Poster #1

This challenge cannot be completed until you acquire Fire Arrows, but Molotov cocktails can do most of the job. Poster #1 is inside a large building by the trains. As you climb to the upper area, look for a rope arrow door you can open. The poster hangs on a wall on the other side.

Poster #2

Right after you learn to craft Molotovs, look to the corner of the area for a flammable barrier atop a platform. Burn through this to reach the poster on the other side.

Poster #3

When you reach the room with chutes, look for a rope arrow door you can yank open. Slide down the chute and take a leap at the end to climb onto the upper floor of a building you couldn't reach before. The poster is up here.

Poster #4

Back in the chute room, walk out onto the fenced-in deck and turn around to spot this above the entryway.

Poster #5

As you near the final section of the mill, keep an eye out for this poster hanging from a window.

Poster #6

From Poster #5, climb back down the previous ladder and leap across to the ledge pictured above. The poster hangs on the wall of that deck.

Poster #7

You can burn the final poster during the top-of-the-mill firefight. Look for it on a walkway right after you crawl into the final room.

Soviet Installation - Into Darkness

Explore 5 caves.

There's no single way to finish this challenge, as there are 6 total caves in the area, and you only need to enter 5 of them. These are marked on the map above, so explore at your leisure.

Soviet Installation - Capture the Flag

Cut down 7 Soviet flags.

Flag #1

You can complete this challenge once you acquire the Combat Knife. The first flag is right next to the Logging Camp.

Flag #2

The second is on the large structure in the middle of the area.

Flag #3

Atop a storage tank by the ridge at the northern part of the area.

Flag #4

This flag is beside a bunker on the way up the ridge to the Communications Tower camp.

Flag #5

Right next to the Supply Shack.

Flag #6

On a small ridge on the path to the Copper Mill.

Flag #7

Right next to the Copper Mill Yard camp.

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