Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges guide

Syria - Hang 'Em High

Shoot down 7 incense burners.

Burner #1

These are all found inside the main tomb. When you first enter, turn to your left to see this by the entrance.

Burner #2

Turn around to spot another hanging above a walkway.

Burner #3

After raising the water, swim to the back left corner and look up.

Burner #4

Turn around, and you'll see this one hanging in the central tower.

Burner #5

Check the alcoves in the very back of the room to find this.

Burner #6

Hanging from an arch in the back right corner of the room.

Burner #7

This one hangs above a walkway in the upper part of the tomb. You'll see it when you start crossing the platforms by the middle tower.

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