Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges guide

As well as all the usual exploring we've come to expect from a Lara Croft adventure, there's also a series of Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges to take on and prove your mettle. Tick off the requirements, and you'll receive a nice chunk of XP for your hard work, which will definitely make your progress through Rise of the Tomb Raider that little bit easier. Some of these tasks are self explanatory, while others require further investigating in order to find the required targets, but we've already beaten all of the Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges so let us take you through every assignment and guide you on your way.

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Syria - Hang 'Em High

Shoot down 7 incense burners.

Burner #1

These are all found inside the main tomb. When you first enter, turn to your left to see this by the entrance.

Burner #2

Turn around to spot another hanging above a walkway.

Burner #3

After raising the water, swim to the back left corner and look up.

Burner #4

Turn around, and you'll see this one hanging in the central tower.

Burner #5

Check the alcoves in the very back of the room to find this.

Burner #6

Hanging from an arch in the back right corner of the room.

Burner #7

This one hangs above a walkway in the upper part of the tomb. You'll see it when you start crossing the platforms by the middle tower.

Siberian Wilderness - Grab and Go

Loot 3 corpses.

This one barely needs a description. When the Trinity soldiers arrive, simply kill any three of them and loot their bodies. Done!

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