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Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges guide

The Acropolis - Cut Short

Destroy 6 walkie talkies.

Walkie Talkie #1

The first walkie talkie hangs in a tent across from the Remnant Bazaar camp.

Walkie Talkie #2

There are three more devices in the plaza immediately after you leave the bazaar. The first hangs from an awning on the left.

Walkie Talkie #3

Hanging from another awning directly across the plaza from the previous walkie talkie.

Walkie Talkie #4

Just before exiting through the archway, look to your left to spot this.

Walkie Talkie #5

Shortly after obtaining grenade arrows, you'll cross a bridge and blow through a metal barrier. When you blow the barrier after that, look on the left side of the trail to see this hanging from an awning.

Walkie Talkie #6

When the helicopter goes down at the Tower Courtyard camp, check the corner awning to see the final walkie talkie hanging above a table.

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