Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges guide

Soviet Installation - Data Corruption

Destroy 10 red laptops.

Laptop #1

You can complete this challenge while escaping from the prison area (though you can certainly revisit if you need to), and the bulk of the laptops are found in the large courtyard where you're tasked with opening the gate. The first is situated on a crate by the gate itself.

Laptop #2

The second is on another crate nearby.

Laptop #3

The third is outside the small office containing the gate controls.

Laptop #4 & #5

There are two laptops inside the same office.

Laptop #6

On the immediate other side of the gate, once you've opened it.

Laptop #7

This is found when battling through the Trinity soldiers. Before you drop into the hole in the ground in the shed, look to your right.

Laptop #8

The next laptop is found just past the gate at the Gulag camp, inside a shack. You might want to wait until after the shootout to get it.

Laptop #9

There's another laptop in the shack across the way - you may even destroy it accidentally, by pulling down the roof with your new rope arrows.

Laptop #10

The final laptop is in the building with the dead soldiers.

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