Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges guide

Soviet Installation - Difference of Opinion

Burn 7 posters.

Poster #1

This challenge cannot be completed until you acquire Fire Arrows, but Molotov cocktails can do most of the job. Poster #1 is inside a large building by the trains. As you climb to the upper area, look for a rope arrow door you can open. The poster hangs on a wall on the other side.

Poster #2

Right after you learn to craft Molotovs, look to the corner of the area for a flammable barrier atop a platform. Burn through this to reach the poster on the other side.

Poster #3

When you reach the room with chutes, look for a rope arrow door you can yank open. Slide down the chute and take a leap at the end to climb onto the upper floor of a building you couldn't reach before. The poster is up here.

Poster #4

Back in the chute room, walk out onto the fenced-in deck and turn around to spot this above the entryway.

Poster #5

As you near the final section of the mill, keep an eye out for this poster hanging from a window.

Poster #6

From Poster #5, climb back down the previous ladder and leap across to the ledge pictured above. The poster hangs on the wall of that deck.

Poster #7

You can burn the final poster during the top-of-the-mill firefight. Look for it on a walkway right after you crawl into the final room.

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