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Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges guide

The Lost City - Vandal

Destroy 8 statues.

Statue #1

The first statue is the only one in the town area - it's in front of the large structure you zipped by to get to street level.

Statue #2 & #3

Head for the steps that lead out of the north end of town to find the second and third statues, one on either side.

Statue #4

On a railing right next to the Citadel Plaza camp.

Statue #5

Look near the horse statue near the Citadel Plaza camp to spot this.

Statue #6

From the same plaza, look up to the entrance to the second gate to see the sixth statue.

Statue #7

When returning to the plaza from the third trebuchet, look for this on the first rooftop.

Statue #8

Before dropping down to the plaza, leap to the other roof (above the Citadel Plaza camp) to reach the final statue.

The Lost City - For Whom the Bell Tolls

Cut down 5 bells.

Bell #1

The first bell is easy to find. Check the top level of the building you zip down to when entering the town.

Bell #2

From the platform with Bell #1, look northeast to spot the next bell in the building across the street.

Bell #3

This is in the first place you probably thought to look: the belfry of the large tower at the north end of town.

Bell #4

On a rooftop in the middle of town.

Bell #5

You can get this once you're sent to commandeer the trebuchet. From the platform, look toward the edge of the map. Shoot through the metal barrier there to open a small room that houses the final bell.

The Lost City - Banner Wars

Burn 8 Deathless banners.

When you zip down to the rooftop upon entering town, check the building immediately west to find the first banner.

Head to the southernmost pocket of the area to spot another banner hung by the trebuchet.

Go just a tad northwest from the previous banner to find a flooded part of town, patrolled by some Deathless. A banner hangs on one of the rooftops here.

Head directly north from Banner #3, but turn around when you pass a tall building. You'll see another banner hanging on the wall by the edge of the map.

Hanging on an east-facing wall on the large building in the middle of town.

Turn around from the vantage point used for Banner #5 to spot the next banner on a building across the street.

Hanging on the side of the easternmost building in town.

Check the steps leading out of the north end of the city to find the final banner.

The Lost City - Burn Baby Burn

Light 5 signal fires.

This is an easy challenge to complete, but you can only light the fires with a trebuchet. When you're first sent to commandeer one (when trying to exit the town area), you can rotate your field of view to aim at four of the five pyres.

You can aim at the final fire with the second trebuchet. The fire is to the right of gate you're trying to shoot down.

Congratulations, you should now have completed all of the Rise of the Tomb Raider challenges

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