Retro gamers assemble: Final Fight 4-in-1 arcade cabinets are just $149 at Walmart

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Do you have fond memories of walking to the right, punching goons, and eating miscellaneous meat in Final Fight? The seminal beat-em-up game still lives on in our memories with characters like Cody pulling cameos in the Street Fighter series, and now it can assume its proper place in your home with a full-on arcade cabinet revival for half off. This most nostalgic Black Friday game deal gives you the Final Fight Arcade 1Up cabinet for $149.99 at Walmart, which is a big-time discount from the standard price of $299.99.

The Final Fight Arcade 1Up cabinet actually has four games in one: Final Fight, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Strider, and 1944: The Loop Master. You can swap between them whenever you like, but the star of the show is Final Fight, as the cabinet's lovingly recreated side, top, and bezel art will attest. The cabinet comes with two full sets of joysticks and buttons, so you can fight crime (literally) with a friend whenever you want.

Before you start figuring out the logistics of how you're going to fit an arcade cabinet in your home, you should know two things: first, Arcade 1Up cabinets are about 3/4 the size of a standard cabinet, so you may want to invest in an official riser accessory to make it reach standing height. Second, it's shipped to you unassembled, but all you need to put it together is a screwdriver. You should be able to get it all done in less than an hour, and you can check out this official instructional video for more info.

Final Fight Arcade 1Up cabinet | $149.99 at Walmart, was $299.99

Final Fight Arcade 1Up cabinet | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">$149.99 at Walmart, was $299.99
Play through the classic side-scrolling beat-em-up or three other games in true arcade fashion whenever you want with this huge half-off deal.

Want even more games in your arcade cabinet collection? Walmart has some nice savings on a range of other Arcade 1Up cabinets right now, so it's cheaper than ever to turn your home into the arcade of your misty childhood memories.

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