Red Dead Redemption treasure hunting guide

Treasure Map 5

Just east of Escalera are a group of rock towers. The treasure is on top of one of these.

Approach the rock towers. One of them spirals much like a staircase.

Climb to the top where you’ll find the treasure between the two boulders that cap it.

Treasure Map 6

In South Chuparosa there is, on one of the roads, a massive stone arch.

The treasure is under the left base of the arch.

If you’re facing it from the south it will be on the right.

Treasure Map 7

On the seventh treasure map, you’ll find illustrated a particular rock formation. This can be found off a road heading northwest out of Casa Madugada.

From this rock formation look to the southwest.

You should see a multi-tiered cliff face.

Head down to this cliff area. When you reach it, follow the path.

At the end you should find the treasure.

Treasure Map 8

The eighth map shows a large tree and a broken stone wall. These two landmarks can be found in Beechers Hope to the east of the Marston ranch.

When you arrive at the tree you should almost immediately see the broken stone wall.

The treasure lies in one of the gaps.

Treasure Map 9

The ninth and last treasure map shows a mountain path leading to a cave opening. This area can be found north of Manzanita Post in Tall Trees.

Follow the path into the snowy, mountain regions. You should come to a point where the path leads up the mountain. Follow it and when you reach the top you should be on a flat plateau area.

Toward the rear of this area is a small cave opening. Head inside to find the treasure.

Congratulations! You’re a master treasure hunter. Now go sell the gold and buy some guns to rob people and make even more money!